FakeIDAustralia.com Review (October 2018)

FakeIDAustralia.com Review

After searching all over the web for a decent supplier of NSW Fake ID’s I came across FakeIDAustralia.com

At first I was a bit hesitant as I really didn’t want to lost my hard earned cash as I already had been scammed online before.. however since a guy I spoke to via email called Sam had promised me a 100% money-back guarantee and since I was doing a large group order I decided to do order a test sample card first (not my real face lol I just told them to put in a random photo.. see pic below).


It took about 10 days to reach me and I had paid with bitcoin purchased from buyabitcoin.com.au. This was my first time buying bitcoin so I was a bit hesitant with that too but I think I stressed myself out for no reason.

The quality of the card is unreal. This isn’t like those ‘novelty’ ID website on the internet which only look similar to drivers licenses – no, this was the real fucking deal. I got my older brothers real drivers license and compared them side-by-side.

The triple-layered hologram shines with all the same colours as the real one.

When you look at the card side-on it has the green layer just like the real one.

The fonts? Identical

The colours? Identical

The ‘feel’ and bend of the card? Identical

I was pretty convinced that this was going to work for what I needed it for and was happy that they were the real deal so I went ahead and placed an order for the 2 legit ones that me and my mate needed, see pic below:

Same as the first card, quality was absolutely perfect.

This package was a little slower at 12 days but we were told that certain pacakges were arriving slower because of the method used to get the package past customs.

All that was left for us was to try it – I’ve only had it for a few weeks but so far the results are as follows:





The card scanned perfectly every time and by the 3rd time I used it I didn’t feel any anxiety or nervousness at all. I’m going to USA for a year next year and can’t explain how happy I am I have this bad boy to help me.. Thanks boys!!

Card Quality: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Speed: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5


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  1. luca thompson says:

    Hey boys , my old ID just got snatched so I was wondering if this shit is actually a scam, I don’t care if it is just wanna know so I don’t get scammed ahaha , cause if I lose my money won’t be able to afford another one , cheers legends

    • jimmy81 says:

      Yes I got mine from there.. theyve worked everywhere ive tried bro !! u wont regret it

  2. Jaff says:

    wondering how long it took to come? i just bought one from there!!

    • Luca says:

      Oi did u actually get ur ID or are they a scam

  3. Aidan McLeod says:

    Did yours arrive Jaff?

  4. Jaff says:

    for everyone emailing me asking if it came, yes it did and looks pretty realistic. have used a couple of times and it scanned

  5. gav bigdog says:

    just got mine.. was wondering if any1 has had any luck using it at the casino? im nervous to try it out lmao

  6. leon k. says:

    ^ yeah mate used at the cas never had an issue. both gambling section and clubs.

  7. Ethan says:

    Do anyone order a p2 to NSW? How long did it take to come

  8. will says:

    hey guys, a few mates and I are looking to purchase these scannable id’s, though are a bit hesitant as others have scammed me, could you let me know please? cheers

  9. Mine finally arrived 2 weeks 🙂 make sure u check your spam email

  10. Finn says:

    I’ve been on their website and it still looks more legit than others and I want an actual NSW license. Can anyone who’s ordered from them confirm they’re legit? Cheers

  11. nathan says:

    could you boys send us some photos of the fakie, cheers
    just a bit hesitant

  12. Kassy Mahon says:


  13. jessie says:

    does anyone know if they are still taking orders?

  14. david tang says:

    is fake id australia legit who else order from them did your card arrive

  15. Chelsea says:

    I got my ID from these guys!!

  16. kattie says:


  17. James says:

    Ordered mine by purchasing flexi pin cash vouchers. Ordered both full licence and I.d card and paid for the express post. It arrived in almost 3 weeks. For everybody wondering how long it comes

  18. How good of a quality fake is it?
    I am going to assume superior quality for this one cause really why not?
    You can rent a car…Note this requires a card with the same name that is on the ID.
    Now if this ID is all you have and you do not have a SS number to go with it well your kinda FUBAR for that bank account.

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