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Quick review of my passport purchased from OzFake.

I’ve purchased AUD currency before from OzFake so knew that they were good at notes, but wasn’t sure if that would translate to a good passport service.

I paid using Bitcoin the order process was simple enough.

It took a little longer than I expected but it did arrive after about 23 days.

I chose Tongan passport instead of Vanuatu as there is even less suspicion about such a small country – while Vanuatu is known as a tax haven.

I was pretty hesitant to use it at the airport but I was assured it would work and was provided with a certificate of authenticity.

In addition to this I was provided by Brett a phone number to call the Tongan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for peace of mind – I phoned them and did indeed confirm that the passport was registered.

I was hesitant to use it at an airport but can confirm it worked successfuly. I have purchased one from my friend of different ethnicity, and when we travelled together to Dubai their passport got held for longer as they did not look like Tongan ethnicity. The passport control phoned their contact in the Tongan government and it came back as a valid passport.

I’ve used it on just 3 flights however due to Covid-19 have had to pause travelling for now.

The price isn’t the cheapest, but for the peace of mind you get with it I think it is worth the money.

Passport Quality: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Speed: 3.5/5

Overall: 4.25/5

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