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fake id ontario

Ontario FakeIDCanada.com Review

In Short: I recieved my Ontario drivers license and couldn’t be happier!


fake id ontario

In Long: So I Ordered from FakeIDCanada.com back in mid-November. The order process is easy enough and the order form is done pretty well – there are lots of options – some expensive (a bit too expensive for me tbh) so I just ordered a normal standalone license.

I paid by purchasing a flexepin voucher with cash and sending the flexepincode to the website owner. He told me a few days later it was processed (communication could have been a bit better)

The wait time took about 2 weeks.. which was quite  a while longer  because (just my luck) there was a goddamn Canada Post Strike so the letter was stuck in transit!! Anthony assured me it would come on time which I can confirm finally did happen

The envelope was really discrete and nobody would know there was a Fake ID hidden inside

The card absolutely looks identical to a real Ontario license – I’ve held both side by side and couldn’t tell a single difference. The hologram is the same, the black and white laser etched photo is the same, everything is flawless – absolutely crazy quality

I have taken it out a few times to both Toronto and accross the border in NY, at both bars and clubs and didn’t have a single issue

I would highly recommend the website to anyone looking for an Ontario license

Card Quality: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Speed: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5

5 thoughts on “FakeIDCanada.com Review (December 2018)”

  1. love the review.. gonna put an order for some fake ids tomorrow! ive heard these are best in canada so fingers crossed! been ripped off by fraudulent sellers twice so far

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